Privacy Policy

Evaluate Coin Privacy Policy

At EvaluateCoin, we are dedicated to providing you with the best of our protection for your personal data. The Website is basically a blog site that contains the information that helps a user to understand the history and market value of the coin. After getting into EvaluateCoin, you have to obey all of the practices that are mentioned in this statement.

What Information Do We Collect?

Offering you the best services on our website is the primary goal. For that, we may require some personal data of the Visitor such as the IP Address, Location, and many more. In the future, you would see the advertisements on our website whose primary reason is to earn money from this site as we are offering every information for free. So, the reliable advertisement agencies would get the same data as yours to provide you with a suitable advertisement. So, none of your personal data would be used for negative purposes.

Apart from that, we don’t forcedly acquire your personal information. All of this is happen when you are willing to provide your personal information by accepting the pop-ups that appear on the screen.

How Do We Use Your Personal Information?

The major reason for getting your personal information is to show you the relevant products on the page. The products or services are shown to you in terms of advertisement. Usually, we use Google Advertisement policies on our website. So, personal information is used for the reason of showing you the relevant products in the advertisement that you are searching about in the search engines.

Third-Party Links:

On the website, you will get various links to the blogs that are included to give you a better insight into the topic. However, some of the links would be sponsored, which is basically providing us the direct sales or a percentage of commission. We will never include any links in the blogs that are supposed to be irrelevant or dangerous for you.

What are Your Responsibilities?

Every single one of you visiting has to comply with all of the mentioned regulations and laws set up by the online industry. If you are failed to follow the laws and regulations, we will restrict your access to the website.

How Your Visit to Our Website is Secured?

We are working hard to provide you with the safest experience on our website. For that, we have purchased the SSL protection for our website that restricts all the third-party apps or sites to initiate any fishy techniques that would be harmful to the visitors. Meanwhile, we have also initiated a monthly budget for security tools and people who are constantly monitoring the website and making sure that nobody could do anything wrong to the website.